7/24 Service

Our electrical teams have at their disposal specialized and state-of-the-art equipment, such as infrared cameras, trucks and cradles in order to respond to all types of service calls (7/24 for emergencies).

Service Agreement

Assessment by a senior electrician
of the electrical infrastructure
Monitoring for intervention planning judged
required and planning
Predetermined competitive hourly rate

We keep a record of the products installed in order to facilitate emergency interventions.
Possibility of doing a thermography for your maintenance planning


The advantage of this technology is the detection of faults in electrical devices. The purpose of this preventive maintenance is to check electrical equipment such as; circuit breaker, contactor, relay, disconnector; in order to detect possible problems of wear, overload, phase imbalance, bad tightening, bad crimping, oxidation. The essential interest is to prevent fires of electrical origin. Loosely tightened terminals, overloaded circuits, are immediately visible with thermography.

Search for points abnormally
hot which may be causing
of a fire or shutdown
from production

  • RSearch for thermal disparities
    on production lines for
    identify the causes of malfunction
  • Analysis of the origins of heating
  • No impact on production
  • Report for maintenance planning
  • Short and medium term recovery


Dufault Electric uses 3M ™ Dynatel ™ products which allow the precise location and marking of essential installations in an underground network. These sophisticated products include radio frequency identification systems and interfaces to GPS / GIS systems for precise tracking.

• Determine the location and estimate the depth
of all passive electronic marker models
properly buried
• Read and take a depth measurement
direct from 3MTM identification markers
• Locate the route of cables and pipes;
• Measure how deep the cables are,
pipes or probes
• Measure the signal strength of a cable or pipe
• Identify a cable using an audible signal
• Perform passive localization
power cables
• Determine shielding or grounding failures
and cable breaks
• Differentiate between light failures and serious failures.